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All our rental Jeeps are equipped with the conveniences of your own car (Heat, AC, MP3 input, etc) as well as traction control to securely negotiate the grand terrain available in this corner of God’s creation.

Current Jeep Road Conditions Spring snow while Jeep bank Camp Bird Road

June 29, 2019

Ophir Pass is now open!

June 19, 2019

Due to exceptional snowfall during the 2018–2019 winter season, backcountry roads are anticipated to be opening later than usual.

Ouray County Road and Bridge update as of June 13:

After sometime, the two noticed that New Yorkers are starting to like their business because of their skills in photography. Their customers simply liked their artistic nature in taking photos and transforming them into print. Although they struggled in the very first years of the business, the fight proved to be worth it and Image Works soon saw success. In 1991, another struggle came when Alan Carey decided to call it quits. He retired that year and left Mark Antman with the sole management and ownership of their business. Carey had his own reasons and the two stayed as good friends even until now.

Fast forward to the present, Image Works is now a far outcry from the small photo booth. In fact, it has now other employees aside from Mark Antman, although he only hired them for the administrative tasks. Mark Antman still handles all the projects for the customers with an assistant with him. He always sees to it that all customers will be given the same treatment which he has given his past clients for the last three decades.

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